AWARENET participated in the workshop on Climate Change Adaptation in Human Settlements Using IWRM Tools, Amman, Jordan – 22-24 May 2016


AWARENET Human Settlement participants edit

Six nominated AWARENET members participated in the UN ESCWA and ACWUA Workshop on Climate Change Adaption in Human Settlements Using Integrated Water Resources Management Tools, which took place on 22-24 May 2016 in Amman, Jordan.

The workshop participants discussed assessment tools, policies and measures that can enhance the resilience of human settlements to climate change. The outputs of the regional climate modelling projections developed under the RICCAR project served as a basis for the discussions. The workshop focused on adaptation measures and planning tools for water supply and sanitation infrastructure affected by climate change and extreme weather events, such as floods and landslides. Finally, debates addressed innovative water management tools, appropriate for use in water-scarce environments. AWARENET members presented best practices at national and local level.

The workshop was organized by UN ESCWA and ACWUA as part of the Project on ‘Developing the Capacities of the Arab Countries for Climate Change Adaptation’, which seeks to assist Arab Governments in applying Integrated Water Resource Management tools for climate change adaption. Several other workshops took place as part of this project, addressing the five key sectors of agriculture, economic development, environment, health and human settlements.

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