Webinar : “Doing More with Less: Smarter Instruments for Water Supply”

AWARENET members will have the opportunity to attend  an exclusive webinar on : “Doing More with Less: Smarter Instruments for Water Supply”  coordinated by Harvard University and the World Bank. The webinar will analyze the current performance of subsidies in the sector and provide guidance on how these can be better designed and implemented to improve their efficacy and efficiency in attaining their objectives. A novel application will be presented to successfully reduce water use though a system of rewards that is beneficial to the water supplier and well-accepted by the water consumer.

The seminar is scheduled for October 2019  and will last for 90 minutes starting at 1pm GMT (For Arab countries, the timing ranges from 2 pm to 5 pm based on your location), access is free of charge and can be done through the following link: webex.com, using the meeting identification number and password provided in the flyer herewith.

In case you plan to connect, kindly send an E- mail to  secretariat@awarenet.com, AWARENET support will be available during the webinar in the eventual case of technical difficulties.

For additional information kindly access the following :

Doing More with Less-Smarter Instruments for Water Supply- Harvard-World Bank Webinar