AMWAJ Live Event

AMWAJ is hosting its third edition of the AMWAJ Live this October 2020, bringing journalists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to discuss the latest issues facing the water and energy nexus in the Mediterranean region.
The 2-day event will consist of 2 discussion panels, bringing industry experts and journalists to address the latest issues in the water-energy nexus around the Mediterranean, specifically the need for regional cooperation and long-term sustainable innovation and development.

The first Discussion Panel " Regional Cooperation on Water and Energy in the Mediterranean: The Mediterranean region is at a crossroads " will take place on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 (14:00-17:30 CET).

The second Discussion Panel "Innovative, Youth-driven Solutions for Water and Energy in the Mediterranean" will take place on Thursday, October 29, 2020 ( 9:30-11:30 CET).

Registration is free through the following link:

For further information about the event, please check the following link: