Awarenet Webinar: Disruptive Technologies

There is a need for new approaches to address old and upcoming challenges in the sustainable management of water in many parts of the world. New “disruptive” technologies are being developed and used at an accelerating pace to help rethink sustainable development – from decision support and operational systems to stakeholder interaction and knowledge sharing. This “Disruptive Technology” Knowledge Series plans to socialize this new world in relation to water and showcase local, regional, and global perspectives in this fast-changing world!

The webinar provided an overview of a wide range of these evolving technologies to help “disrupt” the data value chain, the way systems operate, and the way stakeholders interact with each other. A special focus will be the use of modern earth observation systems and open data and cloud analytics that offer increasingly powerful, low-cost ways to help countries leapfrog the digital divide. In recent years, the new eyes in the sky in the form of satellites and aerial surveys (including with drones), in conjunction with in-situ monitoring and powerful spatial analytics, offer low-cost coverage of large areas to provide new tools for the integrated monitoring and management of environment, water and other natural resources, infrastructure and climate resilience. Increased automation and global coverage has also dramatically expanded the users of such systems and increased the potential for such technologies to help the poor.

You can start becoming a part of the solution by checking the session delivered by our guest speaker Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep (Harsh).

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