World Water Day – March 2023

World Water Day is on the 22nd of March 2023. The day is committed to raising awareness to water-related issues that are faced by people in countries world-wide.

Water is an essential building block and without we cannot sustain life. In 1992 the World Water Day was proposed to the United Nations. In 1993 the first World Water Day was held.

In 2005, another landmark event took place as Water for Life Decade was initiated. The purpose behind this initiative was to encourage actions that were dedicated to the fulfillment of water-related commitments.

In 2020, World Water Day revolved around water and climate change, and how these two elements intertwine.

Join Us in Observing World Water Day

There are multiple ways in which you can also participate in World Water Day.

1- You can organize groups in order to visit and clean your local bodies of waters.
2- You can help reduce water wasting through changing daily habits of water usage.
3- You can raise awareness in your local communities.

Let's strive towards a sustainable world together!

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